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A powerful Marriage settling Devi... Sri Gathyayani Amman

A Powerful Marriage Settling Stala SRI GATHYAYANI Amman Koil[sakthi koil]

"Sarva mangala mangalye sive sarvartha sathake
saranye thriyambike Devi narayani Namosthuthe",
This is the manthra chanting by vedic pandits at the time of marriage.the manthra is powerful
to get happy married life.but sometimes it will not give the proper time benefits in this matter.
Spinsters are chanting the same manthra and fire the standing lamp every day & doing prarthanas as desired by them to get happy married life.In some of the Families there is some spinsters attending their over age& could not get the Happy marriage with their life.
A popular saint told that ,'Our life is not a bed of roses, it is a fultime of Battle.It is true in the spinsters life cycle. Because, they are waitng for a long time period for their marriage settling within time.In kerala poja kalpam, the anciant Namboothyri'es told
"Kalyanam kazikka darsan Gathyayani matha"- it is a proverb of the win a marriage in spinsters life.
Hence we can try to Darsan& worship the powerful Gathyayani Devi to succeed our life settling.First we find the Gathyayani Devi temple in India.There is a Big Gathyayani temple in kerala
Serthalai.The another one powerful marriage settling Gathyayani Devi Temple is in chennai kuntrathur.
THIRUMURAI KADU Sakthi Amman:The Anciat poet Deiva Sekizhar who wrote periapurana was
Born at the south part of kuntrathur. the popular area is called as aThirumuraikkadu.In this stala,a powerful devi sree Gathyayani is installed By Gathyayana Rishi.Now it is a popular marriage prarthana stala of spinsters marriage settling.It is situated at south part of kuntrathur, near
Murugan koil hill.
THREE Sakthi Devis:The temple is constructed by arted Stapathi like a pallavas Big car.In this temple there is three Devis as Mangala Mari,Krishnamari, Gathyayani devis.they are telling the prapancha thathvams& pancha boothams.lord Thorana Ganesha,family roopa Nagarajas are installed.
How to Pray for Marriage:Three weeks, diffrent type of prarathana is worshipped by the spinsters.
Both male/female.sunday,tuesday,friday,saturday fulmoon day are the suitable day.First we do gathyayani pooja,2nd week Kalyayana virusha pooja,3rd week we Do[ Horoscope]Janma patrika pooja.when we complete the three weeks marriage pooja we get a life settled within reasonable time. It is a experience of the Devotees who worship the Devi Sree Gathyayani Devi.
The temple time is 9am to 12 am,5 pm to 8pm.
contact phone No:08056155006.E.mail:-kumarsivachariar@gmail.com.
Bus route:Broadway-kuntrathur 88k,88c,60A.Vadapalani-kuntrathur M88.From Tambaram to kuntrathur-66,M66.The Gathyayani koil is situated from Airport is 8km only.
"gathyayani mahamaaye maha yoginyadeeswari"
nandha gopa sudham devam athi seekram pathimme guruthe Namaha"it is a holy power
marriage Manthra of Gathyayani mdevi pararthna.Om shathi Om.

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